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Wall tiles from Mosafil

In this category you find our fine collection of porcelain stoneware wall tiles. Calibrated, not calibrated or as a wall tile border - our wall tiles are suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential projects.

Wall tiles protect and look great

Tiles are a really useful way to cover wall areas that need to look more interesting or be protected from damage. By using waterproof wall tiles available from Mosafil, you can ensure that splashbacks from basins and bath tubs are as watertight as possible. Hard porcelain tiles also provide protection against abrasion and impact damage, as well as looking shiny and harmonious in a well designed setting. They would add a reflective surface to the walls of conservatories, and would be particularly appropriate around plants that need constant watering, and also make a wonderful backdrop to dressers and storage areas in living rooms and hallways.

Customise your tile order exactly how you want it

Mosafil offers wall tiles in a range of sizes, including 45x90xm, 30x90cm to 30x60cm, 30x45cm, 25x70cm and 25x45cm letting you choose precisely the correct tile shape for the job required. And wall tiles also come in a range of colours and textures, with cool beige tiles, marbled grey tiles and mirage brown tiles. And then there are border tiles, with beautiful designs and regular finishes to create a uniform border around the edges of rooms. So why not add character to the rooms that you live in, and protect them against damage with a set of wall tiles from Mosafil.co.uk?Mosafil porcelain stoneware tiles are the ideal way to add some protection to areas of the home that really need it. Ideal for messy rooms where walls can be stained at any stage, these tiles are easy to clean, strong and beautiful additions to the home, and with Mosafil.co.uk you can choose exactly the tiles you need to do the job properly.