Selfadhesive mosaic for unique designs

Metal Mosaic Tiles Alice Silver Self Adhesive

Metal Mosaic Tiles Alice Silver Self Adhesive

6.70 £ per sheet*

Self-adhesive mosaic - A stylish highlight

Bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms with tiles or laminate often have a cool effect. Users often do not feel well. An elegant vinyl mosaic, on the other hand, brings creative momentum to the in-house sanitary and living area. You do not need glue or joints. The professional attachment is virtually child's play. In no time at all laypeople are the key tricks to attach sustainable decorative elements. This self-adhesive mosaic tiles offer a cost-effective way to create in a short time a charming atmosphere in your own four walls. Self-adhesive mosaic tiles make it possible to realize your own ideas without craftsmen.

Stylish design with a variety of colors

The smooth surface of the vinyl mosaic presents itself in different shades of gray and silver. The manufacturer supports this by providing attractive color combinations. These attach directly to you in the form of practical mats (approx. 24x24 cm). Self-adhesive mosaic tiles adhere very well to smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Painted or tiled areas are ideal for this purpose. Decorated surfaces, floors, outdoor and wet areas are not suitable for self-adhesive mosaic tiles. Using sponge, cutter knife, silicone and spirit level, self-adhesive mosaic tiles can be used flexibly and decoratively. It is advisable to measure appropriate areas in advance. In this way, the handling easier. Custom-fit pieces can be prepared in advance.

Gentle Care for Sustainable Joy

Self-adhesive mosaic tiles convince not least because of their easy care. A viscose sponge or a damp cloth is sufficient for regular cleaning. Persistent stains can be removed using mild soaps. Alternatively, household cleaners without ammonia or scouring agents are suitable. Vinyl mosaic is also used in kitchens. In any case, make sure that you remove contamination from water vapor, wine or oil spills in a timely manner. With proper care, self-adhesive mosaic tiles will delight you over a long period of time. If the moment comes for renewal, remove these tiles with the help of a hair dryer. The entire mosaic mat can be pulled off practically and without damaging the surface.