Porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed

Hardwearing and decorative

Porcelain stoneware tiles are popular for their durability and durability. The special production allows porcelain stoneware to be frost-resistant and very easy to walk on and load. Mosaic tiles are always a successful eye-catcher. For the finishes you have the choice between glazed tiles and porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed.

Unglazed porcelain stoneware surfaces

A porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed is excellently suited for heavily stressed floor areas, e.g. in the hall, in busy rooms or on the terrace. Often, however, is the dull, faithful to the appearance of the stone, especially in the porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed like. Therefore, such beautiful mosaic tiles can certainly be laid in the living room or conservatory. The color selection is not quite as lush as with glazed tiles, but still offers the most beautiful nuances, especially in red, reddish brown, earthy, yellowish, white tones. Such tones contribute in addition to the natural stone look in porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed. You can combine beautiful floor tiles made of porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed with other matte tiles. Since the mosaic tiles are fixed on a grid, they can be cut to any pattern and decorative laid.

Laying, cleaning, maintaining

The laying of porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed does not differ from the laying of other mosaic tiles. Important are a level, stable surface and the right installation material. After laying the surfaces are cleaned with a special cleaning of the cement curtain and then treated with a tile impregnation. Porcelain stoneware mosaic unglazed, unlike glazed mosaic tiles, also tolerates acidic, alcohol-based cleaning agents. For stains on slightly porous surfaces there are special cleaners. Please pay attention to the information on the impregnation for cleaning and care, even when buying already impregnated tiles.