Travertine for modern interior design

Natural Stone Mosaic Inside and Outside

Tiles in more and more houses and in the terrace area provide a homely atmosphere in which young and old feel at home. Even a fine natural stone travertine mosaic provides comfort in many areas. Travertine is a natural stone, which can be found in the colors yellow, beige, cream, brown and also red in the rock layers of the earth. The quarries, in which travertine is mined, consist for the most part of the light limestone, which has a porous structure. Each natural stone travertine mosaic therefore offers a unique look, because every single mined stone is unique.

Origin of Natural Stone Mosaic

Geological basis of the lime is a source lime, which could arise in the fresh water. Despite the porous composition of the popular freshwater lime, every natural stone travertine mosaic is robust. Travertine mosaic tiles can be laid on walls and floors in homes and gardens. The long-lasting mosaic tiles delight the residents with proper care generation after generation.

Natural stone mosaic for the apartment

Due to the origin of most travertine tiles, natural stone travertine mosaic is the basis for a Mediterranean ambience. These high-quality mosaic tiles complement every style of home due to their light color and light speckles. The natural stone travertine mosaic emphasizes a rustic, an elegant and also a modern furnishing style. Every natural stone travertine mosaic is laid by the specialist within a short time, so that these tiles quickly provide pleasure in the context of a renovation or a new architectural design.

Mosaic Tumbled or Ground

Tiles from the visually appealing material are offered drummed and polished in the versions. These travertine treatments make these mosaic tiles so versatile in use inside and outside the home.

In this category you will find our selection of travertine mosaic. As a true natural product Travertin inspires with its unmistakable character in color, design and structure.
Travertine is a limestone of light, yellowish to brown color. It is a freshwater lime. It is mostly used by the material as a filler, & nbsp; unpavelated & nbsp; for outdoor use; Also suitable as a wall cladding or terrace covering & nbsp; Travertine offers compared to marble a higher slip resistance and is also not very sensitive to scratches on the surface. Our high quality Travertine mosaic can be laid both as a border and a large area as a floor covering or wall covering for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, spa areas, corridors, living rooms, dining rooms.