Live harmoniously with stone mosaic

Natural stone is considered the best building material with many advantages. It is not only extremely popular due to the abundance of colors, but also adapts to every taste and style of living. The natural stone is very diverse due to the colors and structures and also particularly energy efficient. & Nbsp; It is ecological, due to its hardness very robust, resistant, frost-proof and easy-care . Natural stone includes many areas that are created during processing. In addition, natural stone brings a peculiarity in that the surface changes individually.

Ideal for: laying the floor .

In combination with underfloor heating, the heat can optimally unfold with the natural stone. The stored heat is released slowly and evenly. Among the usual natural stone such as marble , we also offer you other materials and types of rock such as travertine , slate , quartzite , Onyx and Granite . The types of rock are available in glazed, unglazed, polished or in wood look .

Harmonious living with natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles give your living ambience a particularly warm and natural charm - at the same time, natural stone tiles are almost indestructible and particularly easy to care for. Whether you design floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom or living room with natural stone tiles: you will enjoy this natural, robust and elegant material.

Whether you prefer granite, marble, limestone or slate:

Natural stone tiles will captivate you with their indestructible quality, exclusive look and homelike elegance. Discover our wide range of natural stone tiles in many natural shades and marbling and give your living spaces a special ambience, which is characterized by longevity and timeless design.

Natural stone Granite tiles combine the unique beauty of natural stone with high quality features:

Granite is extremely hard and particularly resistant. Our large selection of granite natural stone tiles offers you a variety of possibilities to realize your color wishes and to adapt them to your living environment. Whether satin, flamed or brushed: Granit is timelessly beautiful and lively in appearance.

A true classic is natural stone Tile made of marble:

Since antiquity, the carbonate rock is considered a particularly noble material, the extraction of which is still tedious and time-consuming. Marble is produced under high pressure and is therefore particularly hard. Natural stone tiles made of marble can be mirror polished smooth or have a velvety, matte shimmer. Already in ancient Rome and Greece marble had a special meaning for the production of buildings or statues. Marble stones can be different porous and appear in many textures and colors.

Slate tiles are made of blocks in quarries and are available in different thicknesses. Whether deep black and smooth or light gray and rough: natural stone slate tiles are particularly popular, almost indestructible and extremely durable. Whether on floors or on walls: with their elegant gray tones, slate tiles lend every room a special elegance that exudes stylish understatement.

Whichever version you prefer:

With natural stone tiles, you are choosing a natural, ecological product. Created over millions of years in the interior of our earth under high temperatures and high pressure, natural stone tiles are ideal for flooring, wall coverings and outdoor use. They are available in a variety of patterns and characteristics and are very well suited for high-traffic areas such as house entrances due to their high abrasion resistance. Whether you prefer polished, polished, flamed, brushed or satined natural stone tiles: The tiles are very easy to clean and can be used for every living idea due to their wealth of variants.

Order your favorite materials, designs and colors from our large selection of natural stone tiles!