Slate mosaic can be used in many ways

Natural stone mosaic in a new elegance

Natural stone slate mosaic is made of natural slate. This slate is extracted from large quarries in many regions of Europe. Since the fine material can be tailored to the exact needs. Therefore, the selection of natural stone slate mosaic is also very large. This mosaic tile is not only available in many visually appealing colors but also in countless sizes. The popular natural stone slate mosaic is laid both inside and outside the house. It beautifies floors, walls and even the furniture. High-quality mosaic tiles are laid for more than a generation.

Slate mosaic in all rooms

The beautiful natural stone slate mosaic is easy to maintain. A light stone care, tuned to the type of slate, creates a radiant natural glow in every room. The natural stone slate mosaic is laid not only in private rooms but also in many waiting rooms and meeting rooms, because the natural material provides a cozy atmosphere, which is always varied for the eye of the beholder and can be combined with many styles of housing. A room that is characterized by high quality natural stone slate mosaic, can be elegant, casual, modern and rustic designed.

The slate tiles are the basis for stylish living. Even slate tiles with motifs are available. Delicate, fine patterns are applied to the natural material to make it tile by tile for exciting walls, floors and furniture.

Natural Stone Mosaic Versatile

Even doors and frames can be covered with shallow slate. With slate in all colors, from dark gray to light tones, homeowners get a piece of natural warmth into the house. Even kitchenettes become a homely highlight with these tiles.

Our high-quality slate mosaic can be used both as a border and as a large area as & nbsp; Wall covering for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wellness areas, corridors, living rooms, dining rooms. Laying slate is a sedimentary rock, with the characteristics of high cleavage and almost flat to extremely rough surface. The stone differs in elegant dark colors. It is also an extremely durable facade material.