Marble rosone made of natural stone

Natural stone mosaic tiles

A particularly noble variant of the mosaic tiles is the popular natural stone marble Rosone. These tiles are delivered like many other small tiles on a net. The natural stone Marble Rosone is the image of a rosette, which usually indicates the wind directions. Therefore, on many mosaic tiles model natural stone marble Rosone the letters N, O, S, W can be read. But even without this on the tiles clearly readable note is a natural stone Marble Rosone recognizable at first glance as a rosette with direction indicator. The beautiful motif develops from the inside to the outside like a star.

Rosone made of natural stone

Some models also map the sun as center in the middle. The variety of the round mosaic tiles with the rosette is due to the long tradition of interior design. Already in the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks, there were exclusively designed models of natural stone marble Rosone, because people have always been on the lookout for the center of this world.

Mosaic tiles with Marble Rosone

All mosaic tiles, which decorate the floor and wall as rosettes, fit into the tile arrangement of the entire room in matching colors. The multiple use of a natural stone marble rose, which can also be found as a signpost in public facilities, is becoming increasingly popular. For the private garden area at home, these high-quality mosaic tiles, which are all to be cleaned with a light stone care, a special highlight.

But even inside a house, a rosette of tiles in the party cellar, in the living area, in the hallway or even in the kitchen and on the balcony can be the beginning of a new homely interior design style. A natural stone Marble Rosone is always a good choice.