Marble mosaic Mediterranean beauty

Marble Mosaic Tiles Sunbury

Marble Mosaic Tiles Sunbury

9.40 £ per sheet*

Marble Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles Cordoba Brown Beige

Marble Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles Cordoba Brown Beige

8.70 £ per sheet*

Quality and pure elegance

Marble mosaic tiles are beautiful, elegant and versatile. They decorate walls, adorn floors, tabletops, showers, ceilings and cover swimming pools. Marble is a natural material, which means that no one mosaic marble tile will look the same. When you look closely at marble, you'll notice threads running through it. These form during the processing period, spanning over millions of years. Using marble tiles gives you a look that is unique and distinctive. Marble mosaic tiles raise the value of your home, giving it a high end look that is both outstanding and very desirable.


Beautify your work and living space

There are so many benefits with using marble mosaic to tile various areas of your home, the most obvious one being aesthetics. These tiles are exceptionally attractive and bring elegance to your environment. The very first people known to use marble mosaic tiles were the Romans. Marble was much coveted and seen as a sign of affluence and wealth. Its aesthetic value also made it a preferred material to beautify and decorate churches and mosques. Marble mosaic tiles are vibrant, adding colour and depth to spaces.


Durable resilient and long lasting

Marble is very resilient, lasting for a long period of time, so although these tiles can cost a little more than regular tiles, they are cost effective. When you purchase marble mosaic tiles, you'll enjoy a product that will serve your needs and look great for ages. This material is ideal to use on kitchen and bathroom floors and areas that receive a lot of traffic.


You'll have to make sure marble mosaic tiles, used for flooring, are treated, because although they are very dense and resilient, they are not scratch resistant. To keep them looking their best, marble mosaic tiles should also be cleaned with special agents. Mosaic marble flooring is very hygienic and helps to keep the place cool in hot and humid summer months.


Mosafil marble mosaic tiles

We have a large variety of quality marble mosaic tiles at Mosafil, coming in a range of designs, to suit diverse spaces. Marble mosaic tiles also look great when used in the office environment, providing a clean and polished surface on floors, walls and foyers. They are both environmentally friendly and timeless in design. Browse through our selection at for superior marble mosaic tiles most suited for you.