Glass metal mosaic decorative accents

In this category you will find exclusive glass metal mosaics in different color and structure combinations of glass, aluminum, gold, copper and bronze, ideal as a wall tile.Mosafil glass metal mosaic is characterized by the unusual material mixtures by an individual style and ensures kitchen, bathroom, WC, living room and other living areas for a personal touch. See for yourself!

Mosaic tiles make for a stylish break in the tile floor or the tile mirror on your wall.

A glass of metal material mix makes these tiles a special feature and offers you plenty of scope in terms of shape, size and surface design for creative work with mosaic tiles. The glass metal material mix is ​​more reminiscent of the transparency and fragility of glass, but also of the stability and strength of metal. The fact is that all tiles made of a glass of metal material mix are highly durable, easy to clean and versatile.

Add decorative accents between classic tiles with mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles are mainly known as a conclusion or visual highlight in the tile mirror on walls, as well as on the floor. So far, mosaic tiles have mostly been presented in pure glass and were primarily spent between the tiles on walls. The new glass metal material mix is ​​an innovation not only between the tiles on the wall, but also as mosaic tiles on the floor. In the colors of the imagination of the glass metal material mix with tiles, there are no limits. Aluminum or stainless steel look, the color of mud or a stylish glass of metal Material mix with silvery matte shimmer can serve as mosaic tiles for a decorative design and meet your highest standards. When installed, mosaic tiles do not differ from conventional tiles and come with the same height, so the inclusion of the Glass Metal Materialmix mosaic tile is not a challenge or even impossible. In the kitchen, in the living room or in the bathroom, you can create a special effect of your tiles with the glass metal material mix in the desired design and underpin the noble charisma with a touch of luxury or a hint of industrial chic. Also in the cleaning and care, the glass knows how to convince the metal material mix and to withstand the same load as you are used to with your standardized tiles and expect from mosaic tiles as well.

Glass metal material mix for tiles convinces

Design and stability goes hand in hand with these mosaic tiles and underpins your decision for the glass metal material mix with the best texture and quality of the tiles. The metallic look creates a harmony between the mosaic tiles and your decor by, for example, matching the glass metal mix of the tiles to your fixtures in the bathroom, or the surface of your kitchen appliances, and to either glossy or matte mosaic tiles of the most sturdy glass metal material mix. In chopsticks, in square or rectangular design, with broken-looking or smooth-cut edges, glass metal material mix mosaic tiles become the focal point in the room and draw everyone's attention. You can design the break in your tiles with individual glass metal mixed-mix mosaic tiles, or process the commercial panels in their entirety and simplify the laying of special tiles. For floor and wall tiles you will find the matching thickness of the mosaic tiles in the glass metal material mix.