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Beautifully made mosaic tile mix

Here at Mosafil, we can offer an exquisite mosaic tile mix which is versatile, unique and high quality. There are a large range of colours and designs that are perfect for both home and commercial projects. The tile mixes are predominantly a glass and marble mix, with other materials used to create a unique yet practical design that is perfect for any room; from your living room and office to your swimming pool and bathroom. Used from the highest quality materials, we can offer you a mosaic tile mix that is individual and distinctive and that is the perfect accompaniment to any interior design.


A mosaic tile mix will fit perfectly within your design

A huge advantage of using a mosaic tile mix as your flooring or walling in your interior design - whether it is in your bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool or living room - is that it provides a contemporary twist without the chance of it becoming outdated. A mosaic tile mix adds class and sophistication to any room that it is placed in and within our wide rangeof mosaic tile mixes you will be certain to find the look that your require. The mosaic tile look is becoming increasingly popular for both flooring and walling but many people are put off because they feel like it is too much work to painstakingly lay individual mosaic tiles. However, here at Mosafil, we have done the hard work for you and our mosaic tile mixes come pre-made on a sheet which you then just have to apply. From our extensive range of glass and marble tile mixes to our mixes that include steel, porcelain and ceramic, you will be able to find the perfect mosaic tile mix to match your design. We ensure that our mosaic tile mixes are high quality and extremely well-made, as well as being created in an environmentally friendly manner.


A stunning selection available from

Our extensive range of mosaic tile mixes are available for you to purchase from now. Able to deliver both nationally and internationally, we are sure that you will find exactly what you require for your design. The mosaic tile mix look is becoming increasingly popular for interior designs, so it would be perfect to complete your design by using the tile mix to give your room a contemporary and stylish feel.

Mixed mosaic tiles are increasingly popular in design schemes and are suitable for all domestic as well as many commercial projects.