Metal mosaic very easy to care for

Metal Copper Mosaic Tiles Myron

Metal Copper Mosaic Tiles Myron

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Our design mosaic of metal in its most beautiful form.

In this category you will find our high quality range of metal mosaics for kitchen, bathroom and other living areas made of aluminum, copper or coated with stainless steel. Metal mosaics reflect the light in the room and create a play of light and shadow that changes the effect from every angle. Metal mosaic is the perfect complement to your faucets, furniture and other furnishings. The elaborated metal is coated on ceramic and in addition to the usual colors such as silver metal also available in black or bronze.

Metal mosaic metal tiles - mosaics offer a wealth of design possibilities.

They look classy and give a unique play of light and shadow. The metal surface of the metal mosaic tiles creates unique effects that make the room seem mysterious.

The metal mosaic tiles can be used in any room.

Especially in the bathroom, the plates come out well. In living rooms and corridors, the tiles give an interesting look. The room looks elegant and clear through the metal mosaic. The metal mosaic tiles are available in black, silver or copper. The copper tone gives the room a warm glow, silver and black achieve a severe effect. The tiles are laid both as floor and as wall tiles. Metal mosaic is available in matt or glossy. A combination of these two designs is particularly appealing. A metal mosaic can also be designed with glass. This material composition changes the appearance of the tiles and their effect.

The making of unique tiles

The tiles in metal look consist - like conventional tiles - of ceramic. After firing, they are covered with a metal foil of the desired design and polished. This creates the noble appearance of the ceramic plates.
These tiles are supplied with a protective film to avoid unnecessary scratches on the sensitive surface. The tiles are laid as in conventional mosaics. However, due to the metal coating, you should be particularly careful to avoid damage. After the joint mortar has dried, clean the metal mosaic tiles with a damp cloth and suitable cleaning agents. Under no circumstances should scouring agents or hard sponges be used to clean the panels.

Who wants to beautify his bathroom, his kitchen or his office in an impressive way,

should inquire about the use of metal mosaic tiles. They give the respective room a noble and elegant look and are very easy to care for. Combined with white, fluffy carpets creates an unusual living atmosphere in the living room or bedroom. Green plants relax the strict environment. In a bathroom or kitchen, tiles with mirrors or bright furniture become eye-catchers.