Ceramic mosaic as a design idea

With ceramic mosaic pebbles, modern and attractive bathrooms can be designed in a dream design. Elaborate laying techniques help to make the mosaic tiles on the wall and on the floor meet every taste. In addition, countless design ideas can be implemented with ceramic mosaic pebbles. Ceramic mosaic pebbles are among the innovative materials that can be used to create magical elements throughout the apartment. These tiles also look very nice in walk-in showers as floor coverings as well as attractive mosaic tiles for the bathroom and guest toilet. Ceramic mosaic pebbles can be transformed into a timeless look that does not have to submit to any trend or fashion. In this way, the premises are always modern.

Ceramic mosaic pebbles properly laid

Pebbles belong to the natural stones and should therefore be used only with laying material that is suitable for ceramic mosaic pebbles. If a different adhesive were used, the amount of acid and cement it contained would attack the surface of the ceramic mosaic pebble and could permanently damage it.

Possibilities with these mosaic tiles

Especially in the commercial sector, the premises are often designed with natural stones, as they have a very positive influence on the condition. Whereas fractal mosaics and similar materials used to be common in the past, today there are more and more rooms that are equipped with pebble mosaic tiles. As a floor covering, these tiles have a soothing effect as a foot massage. The tiles are offered in different qualities, so that always the right variant is available. In addition, seamless laying is possible with these mosaic tiles. Another quality feature for the beautiful tiles is the selection of stones.