Ceramic mosaic mix design

ceramic mosaic tiles

With a ceramic mosaic mix you can optimize the radiance of your tiles on the wall and create a decorative detail for your individual detail. You will be amazed by the advantage that mosaic tiles pose no new challenge in terms of workmanship and that your ceramic mosaic mix is ​​applied to the wall in the same way as is the case with classic tiles. For a pleasing and consistent overall picture, it is important that you choose the mosaic tiles in the same thickness as the wall tiles and, accordingly, can create a flat surface.

Ceramic mosaic wall tiles

The individuality of the Ceramic Mosaic Mix is ​​your indicator of creative ideas that you can translate into ornaments or murals, tile mirror finishes or in very personal patterns within your tile wall. Here you will find a wide range of Ceramic Mosaic Mix mosaic tiles that are perfect for wall decoration in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as in all rooms with a tile mirror. In the wet room you should focus on the ceramic mosaic mix on a glazed and therefore waterproof surface, while you can use in the kitchen as well as untreated and natural mosaic ceramic tiles. With your own imagination in wall design, there are no limits to tiles in combination with mosaic tiles, so that you can implement ideas for living with the magic of a ceramic mosaic mix and implement your own ideas in the design. If you have no experience in laying tiles, an experienced tiler will gladly help you to create a pattern that is unique and personal, as well as a charming flair of the tile mirror from your ceramic mosaic mix.