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Give your home or business a lift with mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are a great way of introducing pattern, colour and texture to a range of indoor and outdoor areas. Shopping with Mosafil, you can create everything from bright motifs to decorate the bottom of a swimming pool to rustic Mediterranean-style patios. You can make a small bathroom feel bigger with reflective and translucent tiles, and also create feature walls and worktops that serve as strong visual accents in an open-plan living area. Use them in monochrome colour blocks, in stripes and checks, or recreate pictorial designs from the long history of mosaic art. With many rare finishes and looks to choose from, our tiles can rejuvenate homes and gardens as well commercial properties such as bars and hotels.

There's something for all tastes and tasks in our collection

Mosafil mosaic tiles come in a broad array of sizes, shapes and materials, making them a versatile choice for decorating your home. Select from button-shaped, round and irregular tiles to create subtle, natural-looking coverings for vintage hallways, country kitchens and outdoor terraces. Line shower cubicles with glass mosaics in a variety of intense colours that pair up beautifully with atmospheric LED lighting. Glam up bars and cafes with metallic tiles in shades of copper and silver. Alternatively, opt for wood or natural stone to create timeless, durable flooring for the living room or kitchen. Whatever you have in mind, Mosafil mosaic tiles have what it takes to add instant character to your home.

Explore our wonderful tile selection at Mosafil

Whether you're designing a hot tub, a wet room or an entertainment area, mosaic tiles are a simple and effective way of endowing spaces with a feeling of luxury. Ranging from glossy to matte and from vivid to subtly neutral, they can bring a surprise factor and a sense of richness to large expanses such as kitchen floors as well as smaller features like splashbacks and downstairs WC's. And for the widest possible choice of tiles, Mosafil should be your No 1 destination. From timeless travertine and marble to glitzy gold ceramics, we offer a stunning selection of mosaic tiles you simply won't find on the high street.