Mosaic Tiles Stainless Steel Silver

Mosaic Tiles Stainless Steel Silver

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These brushed stainless steel mosaic tiles are a striking addition to any room, creating an eye catching feature wherever they are used. They have a modern, clean feel suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, but these futuristic mosaic tiles would also make an individual statement when used in less conventional areas of the house, perhaps around a fireplace where the smooth silver surface would catch and reflect the light.

The mosaic tiles are 8mm thick and come in a range of sizes, with small squares (23x23x8mm), large squares (48x48x8mm), or large and small oblong shapes (23x48x8mm or 15x48x8mm) available, allowing for a variety of stainless steel mosaic effects to be created. They are perfectly suited to a space with an up-to-date and uncluttered aesthetic and particularly ideal for use in smaller areas where the impression of space is created by the reflective quality of the silver coloured brushed stainless steel surface. Mosaic tiles could also be used in outdoor spaces such as a patio wall or conservatory to stunning effect.

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Color: Silver
Surface: Brushed
Sheet Size: 30,5x30,5cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Thickness: 8mm

These mosaic tiles exist in the following stone sizes: 23x23mm / 23x48mm / 48x48mm / 15x48

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