Mosaic Tiles Nacre Xenia

Mosaic Tiles Nacre Xenia

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Mosaic tiles mother of pearl Xenia - a whole new trend. These tiles are not only in the gallery of beautiful living art, but also on the walls. Whether as a tile mirror or as a highlight in another room, they can be skilfully used due to the choice of colors in white, brown beige or blue grey.

The mosaic tiles mother of pearl Xenia is 2 millimeters thick and measures a mat measure of 30 x 30 centimeters. Due to the matte surface, it looks classy and may also beautify a lounge, spa oasis or swimming pool. As a mat mosaic tile mother-of-pearl Xenia measures 0.090 square meters, this handy size can be laid quickly and optimally. Since this is made of mother of pearl, she skillfully sets wonderful accents as a kitchen mirror. Also different colors can be processed as tiled mirror. There are no limits to the imagination here.

The tile mats can also be laid as a tiled mirror for non-professionals, as it can be adapted to all local conditions. For this, the net is cut carefully with the scissors. Even individual elements can be cut out at the kitchen mirror. In this way a completely individual pattern can emerge.

Whether tiled mirror in a bathroom or as a kitchen mirror, the mosaic tiles mother of pearl Xenia will convince all along the line. The mosaic tiles are easy to clean and are thus ideally suited as a kitchen mirror.

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Stone Size: 25x25mm
Surface: Mat
Sheet Size: 30x30cm
Material: Nacre
Thickness: 2mm
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