Glass Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Tiles Sokrates Glitter

Glass Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Tiles Sokrates Glitter

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These mosaic tiles are definitely something very special! With these tiles you can set a real highlight for the kitchen. The Socrates kitchen tiles are made of two different materials. These materials are glass and metal. The mosaic series Socrates is thus also ideally suited for the kitchen, such as for use for a kitchen back wall, for example. The glass and stainless steel kitchen tiles are spectacular, their surfaces are shiny and brushed. With a thickness of 8 mm, they are easy to install and very stylish in the kitchen area. The mat measure of this Sokrates Glitzer kitchen tiles made of metal and glass measures 30.5x322 cm. The individual stones seem rather calm in their form, apart from the color and superficial design, because they are square. This gives a great overall picture. The stones are accordingly 15x15 mm large. The square shape of the sparkling, mosaic-like Sokrates tiles is particularly suitable for a modern kitchen back wall.

For a kitchen back wall, the Sokrates tiles made of metal and glass with shiny, brushed look are really a real hit. Since the mosaic glitter Sokrates tiles made of glass and metal, they are easy to wipe clean and relatively easy to clean, which is of course extremely important, especially in the kitchen.

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Stone Size: 15x15mm
Surface: Glossy, Brushed
Sheet Size: 30,5x322cm
Material: Glass, Stainless Steel
Thickness: 8mm
One Sheet: 0,098m²

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